Our mission

Gradalogistic mission is to create competitive advantages for business of its customers, striving for excellence in solving any logistics complexities

Our values

Sense of purpose

Suggests the goals achievement as the key for our company’s long-term successful development. We take the challenge of successful solutions for customers’ demands. Our team is oriented towards continued improvement of its professional skills


Implies the using variety of tools at the personal level, departments and companies levels, as well as group of companies for the best solution for specific tasks, so that the results fully meet the needs and demands of our customers and our own high quality standards


Focus on innovation

Emphasizes our ability to timely implement innovations at all levels so that they strategically provide competitive advantages to our customers and the competitiveness of our group of companies


Is a fundamental component of our relationships with customers, partners and within our team


As a value means attention of our company to the needs and demands of its staff and to the needs and demands of each other in interpersonal relations as well as overall company’s attention to the needs and demands of our customers, which are transformed into specific actions in order to meet them

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