Multimodal logistics

    • We deliver cargo by at least two different means of transport
    • We arrange shipping in cases when there is no direct communication between the consignor and the consignee
    • We contact the consignor
    • We arrange loaded containers to the ports of departure, as well as sea freight and inland delivery from the port of destination to the customer's door
    • We carry out the consolidation of small cargos of the consignor and its shipment to the recipient
  • Additional service
    • Cargo insurance against theft, damage and other force majeure circumstances
    • Ensuring performance of independent expertise (cargo survey services)
    • Providing financial guarantee (in order to avoid unforeseen costs)
    • Warehouse processing, cargo handling services
    • Returning containers to the shipping line, track local expenses in ports of departure/destination, arrange cargo handling and storage as well as transfer documents to the port
  • The advantages of working with Gradalogistic
    • We work out the best route according to your priorities and wishes
    • We carry out operations in ports, provide documentation and customs support
    • We guarantee the high quality of our service: 100% of our customers contact us again with new requests
    • We are flexible with costs and ensure a consistently high quality level of service
    • We coordinate the actions of all the participants in the transportation process, including warehouses, freight forwarders and customs agencies
  • Your benefits
    • You get a reliable contractor represented by a team of professionals who will consult and develop optimal transportation
    • You can delegate a number of processes to us (e.g. document management: translation, monitoring, compliance checking, dispatch, obtaining permissions)
    • You are provided with different services integrated in one product that reduce your risks and optimize your costs
    • We have representative offices in Belarus and Moldova, which enables us to promptly assess various delivery options and provide consulting on all aspects of foreign economic activities

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