Railway logistics

  • Basic service
    • We calculate the price of transportation and provide freight forwarding services in more than 30 countries (both wide 1520 and narrow 1435 railway gauge)
    • We confirm freight payments by telegram to the departure station
    • We assist in the preparation of the transportation plan and shipping documents
    • We support the approval of the transportation plan
    • We contribute to changing the route of wagons
    • We make arrangements of transportation on special terms
    • We operate with universal and specialized wagons
    • We solve Ad Hoc situations at railway stations
  • Additional service
    • We overload wide gauge wagons (1520) into narrow gauge wagons (1435) and vice versa
    • We pay for ferry transportation on the Caspian and Black Seas
    • We provide a financial guarantee for excisable goods and quarantine transit permits
    • We carry out control, photographing and examination of cargo while overloading
    • We send you wagon tracking and supervise the transportation vehicles
    • We act as shippers or consignees
    • We flush and steam the transportation vehicles
    • We ensure vehicle layover
    • We pay additional fees and cover current wagon repairs
  • The advantages of working with Gradalogistic
    • We get special tariff conditions
    • We offer convenient transportation of goods by rail transport
    • We freight forward/transport all kinds of cargo
    • We guarantee the high quality of our service: 100% of our customers contact us again with new requests
    • We are flexible with costs and ensure a consistently high quality level of service
  • Your benefits
    • You are always aware of the condition and location of your cargo — we inform you about the transferring of wagons to the foreign railways and about the established and agreed plans
    • You don't have to go into the details, everything is our task starting from logistics schemes development to the contract conclusion
    • We guarantee a wide geography of services through cooperation with transport companies from all over the world
    • We audit the existing logistics schemes and find ways to reduce your costs
    • We develop and implement conceptually new logistic schemes taking into account all the aspects and details
    • We provide services of legal consulting in the field of transport arrangements

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